The scriptures tell us that where two or three are gathered in Christ's name, he is there among them. The point is well made that the church is a community of people gathered for the purpose of worshiping Christ and glorifying God whether there are two or three people or many more than that. In the final analysis, the church of Jesus Christ is not best thought of as a building or some other place. Instead, it is best seen as a group of people who come together for worship, service and fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ.

Such an understanding as this guides the direction and focus of Buford Presbyterian Church. Our mission statement here is this: "We welcome all on our path towards a stronger faith relationship through traditional worship, fellowship, and community service because we love God, our neighbors and our families." So this is a congregation that values the human element and importance of relationships. We feel spiritual growth comes when people relate to God and find that knowing God inevitably shapes the ways we relate to each other in the church and the larger world.

The leadership of Buford Presbyterian hopes you will come visit us for a worship service or special event to see for yourself what God is doing here through our ministry. We also hope this website will serve as a helpful guide in your search for a church home or a deeper understanding of what God may be calling you to do in your life.

Worship Times

We gather for worship each Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.

Child care is provided during the service. 

1242 Buford Hwy

Sugar Hill, GA 30518



Buford Presbyterian Church ● 1242 Buford Highway ● Sugar Hill, GA 30518 ● 770-945-6711